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Ladybug Yoga

About Us

Ladybug Yoga was established in 2009 and has become South Florida's most respected yoga enrichment program which is successfully implemented all over Palm Beach & Broward County.

Ladybug Yoga has a true passion for children and yoga. We believe that teaching these children yoga at such a young age will build a positive foundation for their whole lives!

We offer various programs for children and adults. Our children's program is designed for ages 3 years and older. During class children participate in breathing activities, yoga poses, interactive games and always ending with a guided relaxation. This unique program teaches children important skills in a fun, challenging and exciting environment!!

Ladybug Yoga offers a 10/ hour Children's Teacher Training which launched summer of 2016. We feel it is time to teach Yoga Instructors, School Teachers, Phys. Ed Teachers, Therapists, Psychologists, Parents, etc. These Amazing tools & techniques so that you can go out and positively impact these Children's lives thru-out the world!!   At the same time this will expand your Business by adding a whole new branch to your teaching!! Parents can bring these Priceless gifts into their homes!!!

Ladybug Yoga offers a 2/ hour In-Classroom Teacher Training. Schools invite us to come to their school during a professional learning day and we teach all their teachers not to stop and give a yoga class but how to incorporate into their classes these amazing tools & techniques during their school day. 

Whether you want to *Enroll your Child into our Program, *Attend our Next Children's Teacher Training or *Invite us to your Next professional learning day to Train your Teachers Call 754-244-5596 or Email contact@ladybugyoga.com