Ladybug Yoga was established in 2009 and has become South Florida’s most respected yoga enrichment program which is successfully implemented all over Palm Beach & Broward County.

Ladybug Yoga has a true passion for children and yoga. We believe that teaching these children yoga at such a young age will build a positive foundation for their whole lives!

We offer various programs for children and adults. Our children’s program is designed for ages 3 years and older. During class children participate in breathing activities, yoga poses, interactive games and always ending with a guided relaxation. This unique program teaches children important skills in a fun, challenging and exciting environment!!

Ladybug Yoga offers a 10/ hour Children’s Teacher Training which launched summer of 2016. We feel it is time to teach Yoga Instructors, School Teachers, Phys. Ed Teachers, Therapists, Psychologists, Parents, etc. These Amazing tools & techniques so that you can go out and positively impact these Children’s lives thru-out the world!!   At the same time this will expand your Business by adding a whole new branch to your teaching!! Parents can bring these Priceless gifts into their homes!!!

Ladybug Yoga offers a 2/ hour In-Classroom Teacher Training. Schools invite us to come to their school during a professional learning day and we teach all their teachers not to stop and give a yoga class but how to incorporate into their classes these amazing tools & techniques during their school day.

Ladybug Yoga offers you a chance to become a member of our exclusive Ladybug Yoga Community.  For those who have completed their Ladybug Yoga Children’s Teacher Training, this opportunity will keep you connected, provide support, and advance your education in children’s yoga.

Ladybug Yoga offers a Licensee Program for those who have completed their Ladybug Yoga Children’s Teacher Training and are looking to get deeper into the business of children’s yoga. This opportunity will take you to the next level by boosting your career, advancing your education, and giving you the tools necessary to build your own business.


Whether you want to *Enroll your Child into our Program, *Attend our Next Children’s Teacher Training or *Invite us to your Next professional learning day to Train your Teachers Call 754-244-5596 or Email