Ladybug Yoga was established in 2009. It has become South Florida’s most respected yoga enrichment program and is successfully implemented all over Palm Beach & Broward Counties.

Sandy has a true passion for children and yoga. She believe that teaching these children yoga at such a young age will build a positive foundation for their whole lives!


Ladybug Yoga offer various programs for children and adults. Our Children’s Program is designed for ages 3 years and older. During class children participate in breathing activities, yoga poses, interactive games and always ending with a guided relaxation. This unique program teaches children important skills in a fun, challenging and exciting environment.

Ladybug Yoga offers a 10-hour Children’s Teacher Training which launched in 2016. Sandy teaches Yoga Instructors, School Teachers, Phys. Ed Teachers, Therapists, Psychologists, Parents these amazing tools & techniques so they can go out and positively impact children’s lives thru-out the world!!  This training expands your business & adds a whole NEW REVENUE stream to your teaching.

In addition, Parents can share these priceless techniques with their children!


For more information to Enroll your Child(ren) into our Program or Attend our next Children’s Teacher Training Call 754-244-5596 or Email