Now that you have completed the Ladybug Yoga Children’s Teacher Training… What should you do next?

Take teaching children’s yoga to the next level, by becoming an official licensee. Ours is a proven, step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to create your own children’s yoga business. It will also give you the knowledge and support to grow within your existing careers with children.

With the Ladybug Yoga Licensee Program, you get a step-by-step startup guide that will walk you through building a business. If you are a yoga instructor, teacher, therapist, psychologist, or in any profession working with children, you get to advance your education in children’s yoga and strengthen your career.

You also get access to the creator of Ladybug Yoga through ongoing support and a monthly newsletter that keeps you up-to-date, as well as self promotion on our website. You get a continuing education, discounts on essential teaching products, marketing materials, access to a support-based facebook forum and even more – in a simple and affordable way.